Welcome to Ignition Service & Supply, Inc.

Mission Statement

Igniton Service & Supply's Mission is:

"To provide our products and services to the end user in a reliable and efficient manner in an effor to minimize downtime and reduce revenue losses. We strive to accomplish this by parts availability, personnel availability and commitment to our customers. Although our prices are comptetitive within the industry, we feel our service; timely customer response and attention to detail give Ignition Service & Supply a competitive advantage. These factors are how we define excellence and we believe will give Igntion Service & Supply a long standing presence within the air starter and components industry for years to come."

About Us

Ignition Service & Supply, Inc has served the Permian Basin since the early 1970’s. In that time we’ve grown from a single man, Eddie McPherson, repairing magnetos, starters and alternators on the back of his truck to our current 14,000 sq ft facility at 909 West Loop 338 in Odessa Texas.  “The Shop”, as we like to call it, has five separate divisions and two separate parts areas where we service a wide variety of air starters, electric starters and alternators, Altronic Magnetos and more.
We currently enjoy our dealer level status with Altronic, Ingersoll, Murphy and TDI as well as our distributor level relationship with Whitlock Instruments (DNFT).  When you combine those features with our excellent retail level relationships with companies like Hydraulic Governor Specialty of Odessa, Turbo Time of Odessa, and McCord Pump of Odessa, it’s easy to see why Ignition Service & Supply can be your one stop shop for all your gas compressor accessory needs.
For your convenience we have a sales representative who will stop by your location once a week to pick up and drop off equipment that needs repair as well as any parts or supplies you may require.
Although it’s not always possible, our repair shop strives to have a 1 week turn around on all the equipment sent in for repair.
We also provide a 24 hour ‘on call’ service so if, for example, you need an air starter at 2:00am Saturday morning and need it delivered to Carlsbad, you can count on us to help get you out of a bind.
“Service from the Start!” is our motto and it’s one we take seriously. Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality of sales and service that you can find in the Permian Basin and dependability you can count on when you need it.

Thank you for your interest in our company.