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50th Anniversary

50th Anniversary

50th Anniversary


T30-I and T30-P Air Starters


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T30Y Manual

Fast, Compact Starting for Engines up to 20 Liters

The T30 generates up to 25% more stall torque than other starters in its class. Its highly efficient twin-turbine motor design gives you more cranking power with less air for faster starts. Unlike starters that require a mechanical automatic trip valve (ATV), the T30 uses aerodynamics to control motor speed, giving you total control over the start cycle.


At 29 lbs. (13.2 kg) the T30 is lighter and more compact than other starters in its class.

The Longest Lasting, Most Reliable Engine Starter - Here's Why:

The T30 Turbine is designed to thrive in the world's dirtiest, messiest environments. Wet or contaminated air have no effect on the T30. There are no rubbing vanes to stick, swell or wear out - which translates into longer lasting, more reliable starting, regardless of conditions.

No Mess, No Fugitive Emissions

The vaneless design of the T30 is grease-packed for life, thereby eliminating fugitive start exhaust emissions caused by messy, oily exhaust residues. Less mess, less maintenance, and a clean environment for your engine makes sense, doesn't it?

No Plastic Parts And Half The Moving Parts Yield Quality

Quality has been designed into the T30. We've minimized the moving parts (less than half the number on competitive models). We refused to compromise the design by cutting corners with "plastic parts." The result is a rugged starter made of high-strength steel and aluminum alloys that last longer and delivers significantly more starting cranks than other similar size systems.  


T100B Air Starters


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Uncompromising Performance and Reliability for Large Engines up to 300 Liters

T100-B and T100-V provide ultimate reliability for large engines up to 300 liters.  Long cranking cycles, contaminated air, and improper maintenance have almost no effect on the T100.   Available in inertia-engaged and pre-engaged models, the T100 is the one starter you can rely on for your most critical applications.

Ready For The World's Most Contaminated Air

The T100's vaneless turbine motor has no rubbing vanes to stick, swell, or wear out - wet air or gas have no effect on internal parts. Contaminated air that clogs, damages and shuts down lesser units passes through TurboTwin's "open air path" design. Even sour natural gas is no match for the T100's corrosion-resistant interior. It all adds up to unmatched reliability - regardless of the conditions you operate in.

Aerodynamic Speed Control Permits Longer Cranking…and No Burnout

Long crank cycles are a reality that can burn out the gearbox of lesser-grade starters. TurboTwin's design has eliminated the automatic trip valve (ATV) providing precise aerodynamic control over motor speed. TurboTwin's lower gear ratios reduce starter workload and allow cool running that prevents starter burnout.

No Compromise On Any TurboTwin™ Part

T100 uses only high-quality, high-strength steel and aluminum alloys machined to the industry's tightest tolerances. There's no cutting corners, and definitely no plastic parts as used in other turbine air starters.


T100V Air Starters

T100V Viper

Brochure and Manuals


T100BV Brochure

T100V Specs

T100V Spec Sheet


T100V Installation Manual

Fewer Moving Parts Means Fewer Repairs

T100 features half the moving parts found on other turbine air starters. The design yields greater reliability, reduces overhaul, and minimizes potential part repair costs.

No Oil Means No Fugitive Emissions, Reduced Maintenance, And A Cleaner, More Reliable Starter

The T100 is grease-packed for life so there is no need for oil lubrication, no oily fugitive exhaust emissions, and no maintenance required.

More Power, Faster Starts

TurboTwin™ produces up to 25% more horsepower and superior turbine torque on a unit of air, and delivers faster cranking RPM for quick starts. T100 can provide reliable starts at pressures as low as 30psig making it ideal for field gas compressor applications and compressor rental fleet operators.

Ultra Low Pressure Starts

T100 can provide reliable starts at pressures as low as 30 psig making it ideal for field gas compressor applications and compressor rental fleet operators.


At 43-54 lbs., T100 is not only lighter and more compact than other starters in its class, but installation can be a one-man operation.
The TurboTwin T100 is offered in a variety of nozzle and pinion configurations to meet your exact application requirements. See the following specification pages to select the appropriate model.


TurboStart™ 56 Series

Turbostart 56 Series

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Aerospace Quality Starting for Thousands Less

  TurboStart™ 56 Series starter designs employ TDI's extensive aerospace experience in designing and manufacturing jet engine simulators. That, coupled with TDI’s understanding of industrial operating environments, has established a new standard for reliability and cost efficiency for industrial turbine engine starters.
While costing many thousands of dollars less than most competitive products, the TDI 56 Series family of starter products provide impressive power, up to 210 hp (158 Kw) of cranking power at 150 psig (10 BAR). Yet, the design efficiency of the 56 Series Starter means even more, because it lasts. In fact, TDI starters resist damage by contaminated air/gas supplies, better than any other.

A Starter That Lets You "Run What You've Got"

Moisture, rust, scale, micro-sand and other contaminants can lodge in most starters, and shut them down…or at best, corrode and wear them quickly. TurboStart's open gas path design allows contaminants to pass through the motor quickly, minimizing their effects. This feature provides added insurance against starter-related downtime…especially in situations where starting air/gas quality is far less than optimum.

The Power for Starting Efficiency

The optimum gas turbine engine starter demonstrates efficient use of supply air throughout the start cycle with power to spare. TurboStart's 210 hp (158Kw) at 150 psig (10BAR) does just that. Our starters are precisely matched to your engine's specifications to hasten the start cycle and minimize air usage.

The Advantage of Cost Efficiency

Aeroderivative starters must comply with expensive FAA flight-worthy specifications. The question to ask is, "do you really need FAA approval for a stationary gas turbine?" We didn't think so either. As a result, we have been able to build a highly reliable starter using quality components for thousands less than our aeroderivative competitors. Doesn't that approach make sense?

Quality Parts

You'll find no plastic parts in a TurboStart™. Only quality steel and aluminum components. And no fragile cast turbine elements. The result is a solid enduring construction with the ability to withstand the wear of long cranking cycles.

The Simplicity of the Single Planetary Gear

Instead of complex sets of inefficient compound gears that have to be precisely assembled, the TurboStart™ uses a single planetary gear reducer. It's not only efficient from a design and power standpoint, but it actually simplifies the process of matching starter speed with your engine start cycle. And in the unlikely event your starter should ever fail, replacing its planetary gear train is a quick, simple procedure that minimizes downtime.

Finally, No Pre-Lubricated Drive Air

While some starters require "fuel quality" or a scrubbed gas supply, not so with a TDI starter. Starting air filtration drying systems are expensive. So are air lubrication systems and oil mist traps. These systems are expensive to install, expensive to maintain and expensive to clean up after. Yet, what can be even more expensive is punitive action by environmental agencies.

The Sprag Clutch: Another Sensible Design Feature from TDI

TurboStart™'s unique sprag clutch distributes torque evenly to 22 separate contact points, rather than just three points used on competitive clutch designs. This reduces wear at the contact points, reduces long term maintenance, and makes the starter itself more reliable. This is an excellent solution for windmilling applications and can be an economical replacement for pneumatic jaw-type clutches found on older gas turbine engines. TDI's unique sprag design makes clutch failures due to control system malfunctions a thing of the past.


Valves & Accessories

For TurboTwin and TurboStart Air Starters

TDI offers a wide variety of valves, fittings and accessories to help maximize the efficiency of your TurboTwin and TurboStart Air Starters.  Featured here are some of the more popular items.  For specific order numbers or additional accessory needs, contact your local distributor.

Control Valves

TDI offers both a manual pushbutton and DC solenoid version of its popular control valve for pilot valve operation of the TDI TurboValves.
TurboValve and TurboValve Plus Relay Valves
These verstatile starting relay valves streamline installation of TurboTwin Air Starters and offer unparalleled relay control.  Click links for more information on these products.

Air Strainers

This is an ideal attachment that helps assure long starter life by pre-filtering air or gas that is contaminated, especially at package start-up. TDI recommends 40 mesh strainers for best reliability of your TDI TurboTwin starters.

T30 Exhaust Fittings

Optional Muffler (2"NPT) and an array of exhaust fittings help manage air discharge on the T30 Series Air Starters. Many  applications utilize either 2" NPT elbow or straight fittings or standard exhaust screen.  TDI has many options to suit your application requirements.  

T100 Exhaust Elbows

These elbows direct the air exhaust of the starters and allow significant orientation flexibility for the application.  Available in both threaded and flanged versions including ANSI type.

Other Exhaust Fittings

Available in 2", 3” and 4” NPT with straight or 90 degree elbows, exhaust deflectors, mufflers, and ANSI flanges are available for some models.  Consult your nearest TDI Distributor for additional information.