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Ideal for small and medium sized stationary engines, MINE-X® catalytic converters effectively reduce engine exhaust emissions, including NOx, CO, hydrocarbons, formaldehydes and particulates. MINE-X® catalytic converters are the industry standard for reliable, long life operation. DCL backs every stationary engine catalytic converter with an emissions performance guarantee, providing you worry free compliance with environmental operating permits.


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Quick Lid (DIN)


* Heavy gauge stainless steel construction.
* Brazed metal substrate.
* Modular design allows quick upgrade if moving the engine to more stringently controlled air-quality districts.
* Available in a variety of connection types, including ANSI and DIN bolt pattern flanges.
* Heavy gauge, self supporting stainless steel housing.
* Lifting lugs for easy mounting and installation.
* Rated to 1.5 bar pressure.
* Low pressure drop.
* Light weight design can be lifted by one person without the need for special equipment.

Below are some 'Before and After' images of our element wash and repair services.

Before WashBefore wash
After Wash After Wash
Before RepairUnwound Before
After RepairAfter Unwound